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Tips for Success

Taking courses online requires all the skills necessary to be successful in tradition college courses, plus students need the self-motivation and discipline to be independent learners.  Research shows that successful online students are good readers, good organizers and have good time management skills. To help you get started, review your individual time management skills & set up a time management plan for yourself:Tips for Success


Identify Your Goals and Priorities

Analyze How You're Spending Your Time Now

Match How You're Using Time With Your Priorities - Now you can evaluate your use of time. No one can judge your use of time as efficient or inefficient—not even you— unless you do it in relation to your priorities.

Develop a Plan To Spend Quality Time on Your Priorities

Finally, You Must Stick to Your Time Schedule - Some flexibility is necessary, of course, to take care of unexpected demands, but if you spend too much time on non-priority tasks you will not meet your goals.


Planning Tips for Taking Online Classes


How to Study Smart

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