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Michigan Reconnect Students

Reconnect students, you can search for online classes from any community college in Michigan to help complete your degree. You can also check whether they will transfer to your home college. Connect with your degree granting college if you have specific questions about transferring courses. Visit the Michigan Reconnect site for more information about the Reconnect program.

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Michigan Colleges Online allows students the opportunity to take classes that aren’t available at their own college for various reasons, while still receiving support services at their convenient "home" college. All credits earned at “Provider Colleges” transfer back to the student's “Home College”. The Michigan Community College Association created MCO in cooperation with Michigan’s community colleges as a vehicle to provide access to more courses and programs for students.

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Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) is an initiative of the Michigan Community College Association and the 28 Michigan community colleges. The MCO manages this website providing a consolidated listing of online courses from all MCO member colleges and provides a single site to initiate the enrollment process for students. Students can enroll for courses at other colleges through the Michigan Colleges Online site, complete the course from another "Provider" college while maintaining their status at their home college and continue to receive Home college support services. All credits earned at "Provider Colleges" transfer back to the student's "Home College".